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Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil, regarded as the "Queen of Oils," is highly valued after its fragrance and strong topical and emotional advantages. The annual floral fragrance is soothing and the topically applied oil tends to support healthy-looking skin.

Rose absolute is obtained by extraction of cleaning agents, the absolute being used more frequently in perfumery. Rose oils are perhaps still the most commonly used essential oil in perfumery, even with their high price and the introduction of organic synthesis.

Botanical Name

Rosa Damascena

Methods of Extraction

Steam Distilled

Plant Part Typically Used



Deep Red for Rose Absolute, Light Yellow for Rose Otto


Thick for the Rose Absolute, Thin for Rose Otto

Aromatic Description

Rose Otto Essential Oil and Rose Absolute smell floral and sweet with an intense, concentrated rose aroma.


Rosa damascena is a small shrub with thorny leaves, more commonly known as the Damascus rose. Originally from the Syrian capital Damascus.


Diffuse essential rose oil to elevate your spirits; the flowering floral fragrance creates feelings of love, care, and comfort. Apply topically in routines of daily skincare.

Poets and lovers have long admired the rose's qualities, however, this flower is more than just a stunning collection of fragrant petals. The product has a very strong smell, but it is good when filtered and used as a perfume. When made in India, Attar of roses.


The petals are so delicate, they must be distilled on the same day the flower is harvested. From this work comes an essential oil, beautiful and romantic, known for its sweet floral aroma.

Rose Otto is a bit lighter and has no typical heart-felt, strong scent of Rose CO2 Extract or Rose Absolute. Rose Otto is still quite focused, having said that, and just a little goes a long way.