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Roman Chamomile Essential Oil 20ml

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Roman Chamomile Essential Oil        
Benefits to the mind and spirit:       
• Powerfully soothing for nervousness
• Sedative and antidepressant qualities
• Promotes peace and relaxation
• Helps combat insomnia
Benefits to the physical body:          
• Analgesic – general pain relieving properties
• Helps digestive and urinary problems
• Aids in menstrual problems and pains
• Fights bacteria / strengthens the immune system
Botanical Name       
Anthemis Nobilis/ Chamaemelum Nobile

Crisp, sweet, fruity and herbaceous

Extraction Method       
Steam Distilled
Plant Detail       
Roman chamomile oil is derived from the plant group Asteraceae's Anthemis nobilis (Chamaemelum Nobile). It actually a member of the daisy family.

Origin and History        
Roman chamomile is grown in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Morocco, and Algeria. It was the ancient Egyptian priests first noticed the soothing effects of the herb on nervous conditions.

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