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May Chang Essential Oil 100ml

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May Chang Essential Oil

Benefits to the mind and spirit:
• Reduces fatigue and lethargy
• Clears mental fog
• Aids mild depression and winter blues
• Energises the mind

Benefits to the physical body:
• Revitalises and firms the skin
• Treats oily skin and acne
• Antiviral properties relieving colds
• Aids digestion and bloating

Botanical Name
Litsea Cubeba

Sharp and spicy, peppery and warm with hint of camphor

Extraction Method
Steam Distilled

Plant Detail
Litsea is an evergreen shrub which can grow to 26 feet. It has wonderfully small white or pale-yellow tiny pepper-like berries. The oil is taken from the seeds, buds, roots

Origin and History
Litsea is native to china and has long been used in Chinese medicine by herbalists to tret a variety of ailments.

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