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Marjarom Essential Oil

Marjoram is part of the mint family and the oil is distilled from the Origanum majorana leaves. Her siblings are Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, Sage, and Oregano. The entire plant is strongly aromatic and conveys a nice, warm and fresh scent.

Botanical Name

Origanum Majorana

Method of Extraction

Steam Distilled

Plant Part Typically Used

Leaves and Flowers/Buds


Bottle Depicting the Typical Color of Marjoram Essential Oil

Clear to Faint Yellow



Aromatic Description

Marjoram Essential Oil smells herbaceous, sweet, and woody and has an underlying delicate floral note.

Plant Description

  • Also known as knotted marjoram, Origanum Majorana is a perennial frost-tender plant with oval leaves and light or dark pink-purple flowers that can grow to a height of 60 centimeters (24 inches).
  • These flowers are tiny but plentiful and develop between June and September in spiky clusters. It is a plant with a warm climate, preferring lots of sun and well-drained soil.


  • This bushy, annual herb, originally from the Mediterranean is now native to Egypt, South France, North Africa, and Germany.
  • Marjoram Essential Oil is derived from dried leaves as well as from the plant's flowering tops by steam distillation.
  • Much further ago as Ancient Egypt, Marjoram Oil has been documented. It is very well known for its healing properties as well as its means to help people cope better during the grieving process.
  • Sweet Marjoram was stretched on the floor of houses in the 16th century thanks to its potent and harmful scent that masked unpleasant odors.

Uses and Benefits

For its soothing properties, marjoram oil is also used. Taking Marjoram oil externally, add it topically to the skin or use it aromatically to receive such advantages.

The plant will expand to a height of one to two feet and spread the same size. Its plants are active with ovate, gray-green leaves in color.