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Gurjun Balsam Essential Oil

Botanical Name

Dipterocarpus jourdainii / Dipterocarpus turbinatus

Method of Extraction

Steam Distilled

Plant Part Typically Used






Aromatic Description

Gurjum Balsam Essential Oil smells sweet, woody and somewhat balsamic.


"Gurjun balsam essential oil is gently warm, sweet and complex and you will find yourself turning to it regularly when you need the perfect material to complete the rough edges and tunnel one part of the composition seamlessly with the other.

The soft fragrance, with hints of pine, patchouli, and camphor, is woody, sweet, dry, balsamic and resinous beautifully soothing and focusing.

Gurjun Balsam can round out rough edges and effortlessly blend aromatic notes. Often referred to as East Indian Copaiba Balsam, but Gurjun and Copaiba Balsam do not have a botanical relationship.


Gurjun essential oil is derived from woods and oleo-resin (well known internationally as East Indian copaiba balsam), extracted by steam distillation process from the Gurjun tree woods.

Botanically classified as Dipterocarpus turbinatus, Gurjun is native to the Andaman Islands and eastern parts of India. Gurjun is also known as Balsam Gurjun.

Historical Uses

  • The woods of this tree also recognized as a main commercial timber species are considered essential for the manufacture of plywood. Such rare reddish-brown trees have been used in China, Cambodia India, and Yunnan in different countries.
  • In Cambodia, the resin obtained from the woods is used to produce torches and the wood is used in tea cabinet work, wood work and sawing.
  • Gurjun tree is grown as a perfume as well as a safe and effective plant in India and China. It is also used as a substitute for raw material for painting.
  • For woody aromatic oils, Gurjun Balsam is an ideal extender and is sometimes used for this reason in natural perfumery. In perfume bouquets and chords, Gurjun Balsam is always reached for adding the gap link.