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Lemon Essential Oil

Often recognized as Liquid Sunshine!" is Lemon Essential Oil. Probably, Lemon Oil has the greatest anti-microbial capacity of all essential oils.

Due to its refreshing, energizing and uplifting scent, the lemon essential oil is one of the most easily recognized oils.

Biological Name

Citrus Limonum


Rutaceae Family


Lemon oil has a sharp, fresh smell, the color is pale greenish-yellow and the viscosity is watery

Shelf Life

The shelf life of lemon oil is only 8-10 months


A native of India


Such an evergreen tree grows to about 6 meters (20 feet) tall and has dark green oval leaves with strongly perfumed pink/white flowers. The trees have fruit and thorns that ripen from green to yellow.


  • It is thought that lemon trees were introduced to Europe about 200 A.D in the Middle Ages. And then they made their way to North Africa from the Middle East.
  • Lemon trees are considered small and evergreen as a cross between Bitter Orange and Citron and were originally produced for decorative purposes with the remaining fruit on the tree. Once the resourcefulness of the fruit had been developed, it began to be grown.


  • In order to improve work concentration and productivity and reduce the number of errors, Lemon Oil is diffused to workplaces.
  • Such constituents make it ideal for use in items for makeup, aromatherapy, exercise, and home cleaning to purify both the air and surfaces.
  • Lemon's cleaning and maintaining efficiency makes it the perfect oil to hold the furniture clean. There are several applications for Lemon essential oil when it comes to cleaning and restoring furniture.
  • Lemon oil is a perfect solution for silver and other metals in the early stages of tarnish.
  • Lemon essential oil is the perfect solution to wash the bathroom and kitchen surfaces.