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Comfrey Infused Oil 10ml

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For centuries, it has been known that comfrey is a plant that is going to be able to help with healing. This is particularly true when it comes to your skin. The nature of the comfrey plant is that it helps your skin to reproduce brand new skin cells, which will keep your skin looking as fresh as ever. Not only this, but the plant can also help those who have sensitive skin, building up strength and resilience in the skin and allowing it to be able to stand strong against a variety of issues.

In order to create this powerful natural oil, the comfrey plant is soaked in sunflower oil, then the plant matter is removed from the solution and you are left with an infused oil that is ready to use.

The oil itself is a great source of the all-important B12 vitamin, which means that it is great for those people who have a recognised deficiency. It is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians as it only contains vegetable proteins and yet can still offer the same level of healing and rebuilding that you can find from any form of protein.

In the most part this slightly fragranced, pale yellow oil is used to treat any inflammation that you may find on the skin It can also help those areas of damaged skin such as acne or eczema You may even find that comfrey oil can prove useful if you have had some surgery, or if you have skin that is healing after a sports injury, such as torn muscles or bruises.

The great thing about comfrey oil is that it is easy to apply, doesn’t have a strong smell and will be absorbed into your skin quickly. This means that you can start to feel the benefit of the oil without having to cope with the sticky residue that can so often come from these types of products.

It is recommended that you store comfrey oil in the fridge after you have opened and that you should not use this oil if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.
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