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The Mystic Secret Cherry Fragrance Oil

(Really powerful excellently-behaved fragrance and lovely)

Natures Flavors Organic Cherry Fragrance Oil is a tightly regulated fragrance oil-soluble oil that gives your application a wonderful aroma. The above oil-soluble scent is suitable for making candles, soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, aromatherapy, massage oils, cologne, potpourri, light rings, kerosene, tiki lamps, and any other formulation that requires an oil-soluble fragrance.

The scent of new fresh red cherries is this perfume product. Too strong, too powerful! · Of candles, bath bombs, soaps, lotions, perfumes and items of washing. All our fragrance oils are packaged in plastic bottles made of HDPE or PET. All our fragrances are collective at 100 percent. Just diluted.

Our fragrance oils are developed exclusively for soaps, candles, and skin & hair care products. The fragrances are immensely rich, nuanced and robust.

These were made using the new technical equipment like mass spectroscopy, gas chromatography, virtual vital fluid recovery, and extraction methods for rotary vapor.

Natures Aromas has produced one of the world's largest Oil Soluble Fragrances ranges. A wide selection of fragrances is open to all producers for everyone from individuals. Because we produce these fragrances right here in Orange, California, at very competitive prices we can sell such excellent fragrance oils.

The fragrances are incredibly rich, sophisticated and lasting for a long time. Black Cherry Fragrance Oil has the same strong and vibrant scent as a fresh cherry bucket. Keeping all Cherry's flavor while contributing deep red sweetness and brandy notes.

An unlit candle could fill a room with the intoxic fragrance, freshening the air with Black Cherries ' sweet scent. It's not like Maraschino Cherries sickly sweet-it's a rich, black, succulent Black Cherry. A good performer alone, but can be used as a mixer for tasty recipes with other berry Fragrance Oils or White Cake.