Carrier Oil Avocado - 50ml

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Mood Essential Oils are a UK based supplier specialising in quality oils. We are passionate about aromatherapy and committed to helping our customers safely harness the incredible healing properties of essential oils. Our mission is to provide you with the purest, best quality oils possible. Essential oils are naturally occurring and extracted from plants to create a pure oil that has a myriad of complementary health uses. To ensure that you can purchase the best oils, we have taken great care to partner with a supplier in India that offers the finest oils, which we then import for you. Our suppliers are well established and are an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company and GMP accredited company. All our oils have Certificate of Analysis, MSDS, Gas Chromatography reports available upon request. Further, the proper auditing done every six months through well-defined quality management system done by an external auditor allow us to ensure quality end products are delivered from our end. Once we receive the oils in our offices, we bottle them individually by hand to create products we are proud to supply. We take great care to keep quality and standards at the core of our business. More information about our quality assurance can be found here There are various ways that essential oils can be used, but we strongly advise that no oils are taken internally, proper consultation with a qualified practitioner can help you understand how to use them best. Essential oils for personal use should be diluted with carrier oils or water and can be used as a massage oil or in an oil diffuser for example. For use on children we again recommend taking professional advice. Our blog contains lots of helpful information; staff with aromatherapy knowledge provides our information. However, this is for information only and should not be considered a substitute for doctors care. We are not making claims regarding essential oil use only offering information and opinion. You should satisfy yourself that you are making informed choices and seek advice where appropriate. We cannot accept liability for any essential oils you use. The healing properties of essential oils are not designed to replace proper medical care. Please always consult your GP or primary health care provider if you are experiencing medical symptoms. Essential oils should be used to support not replace conventional healthcare and medications. If you have any questions about aromatherapy or the products we supply on this site, please do not hesitate to contact us.