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Hanging Car Perfume Air Freshener Diffuser With 10ml Scent

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This luxury hanging Air Freshener consists of a 5ml elegant glass bottle and a beautiful handcrafted wooden lid, you will also get to choose a 10ml bottle of scent that comes for you to fill up with.

Directions of use:

  • Unscrew the beautiful handcrafted wooden lid and remove the stopper
  • Unscrew the bottle of scent, remove the dropper and pour into the elegant glass bottle until full
  • Screw cap back onto the scent and keep safe for when you need to refill
  • Screw lid back onto the elegant glass perfume bottle
  • Tilt the perfume bottle upside down for a few seconds allowing the oil to start to absorb into the beautiful handcrafted wooden lid
  • Adjust string to desired length and put in desired location

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