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Cajeput Essential Oils 50ml

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Cajeput Essential Oil

Benefits to the mind and spirit:
• Create clarity of thought
• Reduce irritability
• Help eradicate drowsiness

Benefits to the physical body:   
• Decongestant
• A good treatment for head lice and insect bites, especially mosquitoes
• Antifungal properties which are good for skin diseases
• Antiseptic properties
• Eases menstrual and menopause issues

Botanical Name
Melaleuca Leucadendron/ Melaleuca Cajuput

Sweetly spicy, pungent and herbaceous

Extraction Method
Steam Distilled

Plant Detail
The cajuput plant belongs to the members of the guava tribe (Myrtaceae) and the genus Melaleuca.

Origin and History
This tree grows in many continents, in the tropical area’s. Cajeput oil is often known as white tee tree the cousin of tea tree.

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