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Bergamot Essential Oil 100ml

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Bergamot Essential Oil

Benefits to the mind and spirit:
• Helps relieve despondency
• Calming the nervous system
• Eases frustration and anger
• Anti depressant properties

• Helps to build the immune system
• Combats infection
• Relieves inflammation
• Aids the digestive system

Botanical Name
Citrus bergamia (Sweet Limes)

Fresh, citrus, sweet

Extraction Method
Cold expression

Plant Detail
This green-leaves shrub is 5m high and the fruits are smaller than oranges but very similar.

Origin and History
Bergamot is obtained from the rind of a small orange like fruit in Italy. It has been an ingredient in Italian remedies for centuries, such as fevers and worms. It is often used by perfumers as it is the aromatic ingredient in Eau-de-Cologne, and also creates the unusual flavour of Earl Grey tea.

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