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Thanks For Scanning Me!


Congratulations! You've just unlocked the most fragrant secret in town by doing something as simple as walking behind someone with a fantastic taste in hoodies.

Who Are We? We're the masters of aroma and the wizards of wellness. At MOOD, we believe life should be full of delightful aromas and mystical crystals that don’t just smell good but make you feel amazing too!

What Do We Offer?

  • Essential Oils: Perfect for when you need to transform "Ugh, Monday..." into "Ahh, Monday!"
  • Fragrance Oils: Because your nose deserves a party too!
  • Crystals: Whether you're a hardcore crystal healer or just want to make your desk look cooler, we've got your back... and your rocks!

Why Us?

  • Quality: Our products are so good, even your nose won't believe it!
  • Variety: With a range as wide as your arms (and then some), there’s something for everyone.
  • Magic: Okay, not really, but our products are as close as it gets!

Limited Time Offer! Since you've got great taste in following people with cool hoodies, here’s a deal: Use code HOODIEHERO for 10% off your first order!


  • "I bought these oils and now even my cat wants to meditate with me." - Jane D.
  • "The crystal I got was so pretty, my roommate 'borrowed' it permanently." - Mike L.

Ready to Join the Aroma Revolution? Shop now and find out why smelling good is just a sniff away!

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