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Essential Oils

  • Are you dieting? A few drops of essential oil like cinnamon in your diffuser can help reduce cravings.
  • Have you overdone the exercise? Adding some marjoram essential oil to your bath can help soothe those muscles.

At Mood Essential Oils, we believe in sourcing the best ingredients and delivering high-quality aromatherapy at an exceptional price for our customers. Essential oils use plant extracts such as peppermint, orange and lavender to help support various aspects of health and wellbeing.

Many people add a few drops to their diffuser to fill the home with a lovely fragrance but they are also used in traditional healing. Indeed, the health benefits of different fragrances for both the mind and body have been known for thousands of years.

Something we’re very proud of at Mood Essential Oils is the wide range of different aromatherapy products we have available online. These include less well-known essential oils such as sweet basil,  perfect for lifting your mood and energising your day, or palmarosa which can benefit the respiratory system and improve digestion.

Relaxation and Calming Oils

Many people like to sit back and relax with essential oils and there are several that produce a calming effect. If you’re into meditation or yoga, a little frankincense, lavender, bergamot or jasmine can help in your practice.

Maybe you like a relaxing bath at the end of a busy day. Adding a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the water is the perfect way to wind down and get a good night’s sleep.

Essential Oils for Concentration

Essential oils are not just for relaxation, however. Several different oils help increase concentration and productivity, whether you’re working at home or in the office. Cedarwood, peppermint and rosemary essential oils are perfect for boosting your focus so you get more done.

Lift Your Mood

If you’re feeling down or slightly lethargic, essential oils can also help with a mood lift. Again lavender is a popular choice here but you might also like to add lemongrass and ylang-ylang to your list.

Best Oils for the Immune System

We’ve all become familiar with the immune system because of the Covid pandemic. If you want to naturally boost your immune response, of course, a good diet is essential. But certain essential oils can also help, particularly lemon, tea tree and oregano.

Buy Essential Oils Online

When buying essential oils, it’s important to go for high-quality products. At Mood Essential Oils, we not only have a big catalogue of different aromatherapy products available online, but we take great pride in the quality at great prices we offer our customers.

With lives becoming more stressful, a good selection of premium essential oils on your shelf makes perfect sense. Whether you want a better night’s sleep, suffer from too much stress or anxiety at work, want to be more productive or love to meditate, there’s an essential oil that is perfect for you.

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