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Diffuser Oils

Our diffuser oils are designed to be used in a wide range of devices. All you need to do is simply add a few drops of your chosen oil to the water and switch on your diffuser. Within seconds, you’ll fill your home or workplace with amazing fragrances, many of which have amazing health and wellbeing benefits.

At Mood Essential Oils, we offer a wide selection of premium diffuser oils at competitive prices, all available in a variety of different sizes from 10 ml to 100 ml.

Types of Diffuser Oils

Whether you want to get a better night’s sleep, relax at home, improve your focus and productivity or reduce those stress and anxiety levels, there’s a diffuser oil that will be a perfect fit. Some of the most popular in our current catalogue include:

  • Aniseed: This diffuser oil has a wide range of benefits including acting as a decongestant. It helps improve digestion and, for some people, reduces rheumatic pain.
  • Bergamot: Another oil that can help reduce the perception of pain, bergamot has been shown to reduce blood pressure in some people and is an all-around stress buster.
  • Citronella: Great during the summer for helping to keep insects away, this diffuser oil is also great for fighting off fatigue. It’s perfect for areas like the kitchen and living room.
  • Geranium: If you suffer from stress and anxiety, this is one diffuser oil that you will want close to hand. It also blends well with basil and cedarwood for added well-being benefits.
  • Lemon: If you want to reduce the chance of viral or bacterial infections, this is a good choice. Lemon is also thought to lift energy levels and help stave off mild depression.
  • Lavender: A very popular choice in our current diffuser oils catalogue, lavender is the ultimate calmer. It improves sleep and can also reduce feelings of nausea.
  • Rosemary: This herb has been used since ancient times to boost brain power and increase circulation. It’s also a wonderful fragrance for the home or any workspace.

How to Use Diffuser Oils

There are several different ways to use diffuser oils. The most common is an aromatherapy electric diffuser that uses a coil to heat the water and release the fragrance in the oil.

Another is to use a tea light burner where the water is warmed by a lighted candle underneath. Finally, there are reed diffusers that soak up the scented liquid and releases its fragrance slowly into the air.

Should I Mix Diffuser Oils?

It’s fun to experiment with different mixes of diffuser oils and there are no set rules – it’s important to find what works for you based on what you trying to achieve.

For example, mixing diffuser oils such as lavender, rose and jasmine can give you a more flowery fragrance.

Where to Buy Diffuser Oils Online

We pride ourselves on our premium collection of amazing diffuser oils at brilliant prices. Browse the Mood Essential Oils catalogue today to find your perfect match.