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Basil Essential Oil

Benefits to the mind and spirit:
• Promotes strength of mind and clarity
• Aids the ability to focus and concentration
• Helps ease memory loss
• Helps ease insomnia

Benefits to the physical body:
• Clearing sinus congestion
• Great for skin conditions including acne
• Antimicrobial properties, is great for killing bacteria, viruses and yeasts
• Stimulates hair growth
• Reducing inflammation, such as in earache and mouth ulcers

Botanical Name
Ocimum basilicum

Clear, spicy, sweet and warm

Extraction Method
Steam distilled from leaves

Plant Detail
Basil oil comes from the Ocimum basilicum plant. It is also known as sweet basil oil. The seeds and leaves of this herbal basil plant are used for medicinal purposes and in recipes and cooking all over the world.

Origin and History
Basil originates in India. It is distilled from the well known herb, Basil oil has been used in traditional Indian and Asian medicines for centuries. It is known as the Royal Oil.

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