Carrier Oil Grapeseed - 100ml - Cold Pressed

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Grapeseed Carrier Oil

Botanical Name

Vitus vinifera


Light. Slightly Nutty and Sweet.




Leaves a Glossy Film on the Skin


Virtually Clear. Has a Virtually Unnoticeable Tinge of Yellow/Green.

Shelf Life

6-12 Months


Grapeseed Oils are obtained from different types of grapes, like chardonnay and giant grapes. Nevertheless, grape seed oil appears to be derived from solvent in general. Be sure to check the extraction method for the oil you purchase.

Quality is extremely important to us and we directly supply our oil from Parma Italy, where the area is renowned for its high quality, excellent oil production, abundant in natural vitamins and minerals.


The grapevine is native to both the Mediterranean region and Asia, and it is assumed that for their various benefits, the Greeks were the first to consume grapes.

Grapevines were introduced in Europe and in 1569 Emperor Maximilian II of Italy gave a monopoly to the artist to press Grapeseed Oil to maintain his musical instruments.


Grapeseed oil, or grape oil as it is sometimes referred to, is extracted from botanical Viti's vinifera seeds, which are typically grown to produce wine grapes, although non-alcoholic grape juice can also be produced.

Grapeseed oil can be extracted using either the cold-pressing method or the extraction of solvents. Cold-pressing involves first crushing the seeds in an expeller press to separate the seed oil from the extracts of seed that can be transformed into wine or juice.


  • Grapeseed is an ideal basis for mixing other carrier oils to create a complex and customized skincare and massage solutions.
  • Combining Jojoba with Grapeseed allows an excellent massage oil, whereas combining Sea Buckthorn with Grapeseed allows facial oil very different.
  • Grapeseed is an essential aromatherapy oil as it is not only a favorite to be used by massage therapists, but it is also the fundamental building block of many creams and lotions that we make, offering an organic, well-preserved base that is ideal for most skin tones.