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What is Manifestation Blog

Manifestation, Law of Attraction these are both growing concepts in today’s world. So what do they mean?
A manifestation is something that starts off as a thought or an energetic concept, and becomes a physical reality in the material world. Our material world consists of objects that we can see, touch and smell, this is called the manifested world. So, your house, your sofa, your car and also the situations that happen in your life.
There is however the unmanifest world also, we cannot see this so we do not give it as much credibility. This is where all our thoughts, feelings, beliefs are. This is where creative ideas start from, the image that  suddenly springs into your mind, or that of an artist / designer for example.
So our thoughts and ideas play a part in creating our manifest world. This includes the objects we have and situations we find. So how are your thoughts? Often our thoughts are on autopilot, we think the thoughts we have always thought, since childhood usually, or we think the thoughts we have been given from our caregivers, peer’s and authorities. We think what our culture tells us, what our class tells us, what the media tell us. But are these the thoughts you want to think? Are these thoughts creating the life you want?
The basic principle of the law of attraction and manifestation is that our thoughts have the energetic power to create themselves in our reality. This works on all area’s including relationships, work, finances and health. It has been working all your life, you just didn’t realise it. Have a look now at your life, what are your beliefs and thoughts about the different areas of your life, and how are these creating your circumstances? It can be really interesting to realise how you have created what you have.
Do you always assume things will go wrong, and they do? Or do you always believe things will work out, and they do? Were you always told you were clumsy as a child, so you are?
The subject of manifestation is a huge one with many different concepts which we will discuss further in our blogs and videos. But just for today, right now, what would you like to have in your life that you do not already? And what do you need to start thinking or believing to do that?
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