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Three Essential Oils For Stressed Parents

Being a parent is often a difficult task. Having created life and brought it into the world, it’s now your job to raise it, nurture it, and safeguard it from the dangers of the world. Until they’re old enough to take care of themselves, kids can be a source of stress and love all at once. However, sometimes the stress of trying to raise children can get to a new parent, and they’ll find themselves suitably agitated, liable to snap at someone and overall not happy. That’s where we come in. There’s a set of essential oils which are great for calming down a stressed parent, and they’re ones which are easy for newcomers to aromatherapy to pick up and use. Let’s go through them here, and see if we can’t help to calm you down a bit! 




Chances are that you’ve been exposed to lavender before. It’s a fairly common oil, but it can actually help you to relax and calm down when you’re having a taxing day. Lavender helps to create a very calming and relaxing atmosphere, and helps you to take a deep breath and get some much needed chill time. This is one of those oils that can be used in the entire house as well, so you can experience its effects in every room.




When we’re stressed, tired and running out of energy, peppermint can be a welcome aroma. It’s often used as a pick me up for when you’re running on empty. That's because the scent has this uncanny ability of helping you to feel energised and ready to go. However, it’s important to make sure that you are not using too liberally with young ones around, and are instead only spraying for a few minutes at a time.




This next scent is possibly one that you’ve not encountered before, but there’s no denying all of the benefits which it can offer to people. You’re going to experience a renewed ability to focus and sometimes vital clarity - the oils from eucalyptus leaves are well known for containing antibacterial and antiviral characteristics. These attributes mean that you’ll experience the sensation of being able to slow down and concentrate your focus on what you’re doing. 


Overall, these wonderful smells and scents are all perfect for helping a stressed around parent to be able to relax, take a step back, and experience a sense of calm. It can be very tricky in the busy world of a caregiver to find time for their own emotional needs, but this can really pay dividends when you’re interacting with your child. It’s easy to lose patience when a child is young and oblivious, and there’s nowhere to divert that frustration to, so it often winds up being thrown back at you. However, taking the time to stop, think and calm down will really help you to maintain a sense of inner calm, and will ensure that you aren’t getting caught up in the moment and not treasuring moments with your child. 
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