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The role of our attention

I wanted to explain how important the role of our attention is on working towards our goals, and our mental health and wellbeing.
Where our attention goes – energy flows. Whatever we put our attention on will increase in energy and grow stronger in our lives. Consequently whatever you take your attention away from will disintegrate and disappear.
So what we focus on, we place our energy on. Our energy also then joins the energy of the object or situation that we are placing our focus on. This could be a certain role or situation, and whatever energy this is made up of, our energy is merging with it. Therefore we focus on it more and take on some of the aspects of this. This works in both a positive and negative way.
This is why when you go for a walk in nature and you are in the moment enjoying the sights, you feel more peaceful. Nature is a pure and peaceful place, with no agenda. Our energy merges with this making it more peaceful. If we then join a crowd in shopping centre for example, you may enjoy the shopping, but you will find that your energy feels less peaceful, as you have merged with many other people, busyness, and consumerism.
So where do you put your attention the most? Do you put it on positives in your life, or negatives? We are very programmed to focus on the negatives, it is in our training from childhood. The news which we have been aware f all our lives is consumed with it, so it is common to be more predisposed to this. Understanding this concept gives you the power to change it
Try noticing each day where your attention is and make the intention to focus it on the positives, you will change in your life for the better!
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