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The Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

Rose oil is considered to be the queen of flowers, as it is extracted from the petals of various roses. It is the best oil for purifying on a physical and emotional level.

Rose oil is the best oil to use for balancing your heart chakra. Its properties work t improve fear and grief, whilst also calming nerves and worry. It is a great oil to use in any situation where sadness is present.

The physical conditions it aids are: Pre menstrual tension, headaches, and
hangovers as it has been shown to ease pain. Researchers think that rose oil may stimulate the releasing of endorphins in the brain, creating the feel good factor.

This enhances its ability to relax and decrease stress and anxiety.

A great way to use Rose Oil is to make a rose bath, by adding 10 drops of rose oil to some milk, then add to a warm bath.

You can use it in a diffuser or oil burner so you can breathe in the vapour or add to some water and dab on your wrist or neck.

However there are some cautions to consider when using rose oil. It must not be ingested as it may be toxic if swallowed.

Always store it out of reach of children.

Always test a couple of drops in water on your skin before using to ensure you do not have a reaction.

Enjoy using this stimulating oil, with all its beneficial properties.

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