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Supporting the Grieving Process With Essential Oils

Life is one of those funny things that has to come to an end.  The thing about losing someone you love is that you are never quite ready to say that final goodbye.  Unfortunately, that doesn't stop the process happening, so whether you or someone you know has lost someone close it is worth remembering how you can support the grieving and healing process.   

Firstly, it is essential to understand that grief is a process with no right or wrong and no rules.  

Everyone reacts differently to each loss, and there is nothing friends and family can do but be there to love and support them.  People feel all sorts of emotions that you might not expect.  Sometimes there is guilt or even remorse, other times people are angry with the person that has passed because they feel unfairly abandoned.  A lot of the time it is just an overwhelming sadness that no one can heal.  Time and support are the only ways for someone to heal.  Essential oils may not be the first thing you think of when dealing with grief and loss, but actually, there are some beneficial healing oils that can help.   

In this situation, a room diffuser can be the best way to use the oils as they will be a constant permeating source of support.   

Clary Sage

If someone is struggling with a whole host of conflicting emotions, then clary sage could be a good choice.  It is helpful for settling the constant feelings of highs and lows, sadness and anger.  It is a good oil for releasing any tension in the chest area, which emotionally may have become restricted, and of course, if someone has been crying a lot, the chest and lungs become congested and stressed.   


Grapefruit is an uplifting oil that helps to clear the head and mind.  Sometimes when dealing with grief people will need to let go of certain emotions as they start to move forward. This is a good oil if someone is feeling angry with the deceased as it helps with acceptance and allows for feelings of realism to seep in.  It helps with the process of letting go of the anger and frees the person for the sadness stage.


The oil of change.  Accepting death is akin to accepting any significant change in life.  The person is no longer here, and it seems like the world just closed over them and moved on.  For those grieving Cypress can help with adjusting to this new world and even help to bring about a feeling of optimising that life will be able to move on in a new way.  


It is helpful to find a feeling of calm when dealing with grief and geranium can help with that.  It is a good oil for reducing any anxieties and helps with the overwhelming tiredness that accompanies exhaustion from sadness. It is a good balancing oil that can help the person start to feel a little more in control again.  

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