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Stretching your comfort zones

So I want to achieve my dreams, but some of the parts of it are out of my comfort zone
Our self identity, who we believe ourselves to be and what we are capable of is what defines our comfort zones, and acts as a internal regulator. As we set goals and move away from our current reality, we start to experience both physical and psychological feedback and resistance.
We may start to feel out of place and find the desire to get back to the comfort of our familiar reality is very strong, even if it is not what we want.
Coming out of our comfort zones naturally creates stress and anxiety. As long as we are operating from a place close to our self identity, even when this is not how we want to be, we feel relaxed. This could for example be a feeling of not being good enough, which sounds ludicrous that we would want to stay in that place, but to act like we are good enough, to demand that to others is out of our comfort zone, so we will crave being back there just to not feel the stress of stretching our zone.
Stretching your comfort zone, is not comfortable!!
If we are asked to speak in public and we are not used to it, we can have physical and emotional disturbance such as not being able to think clearly, not remembering things, our vocal cords tightening, feeling shaky or sweaty even. Our body is just physically responding to the stretch.
To try and lesson these effects we can use our visualisation technique to move out of our comfort zone. Visualise the steps you will need to take, imagine yourself doing them, feel the stretch in yourself, see how you handle it. By coming our of your comfort zone in your own mind first you are helping ease the effects when it happens. Just like when we create a new pathway or habit we have to keep learning it over and very again, so use this to train yourself into a new reality- one that you choose.
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