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Our natural resistance to our goals

So we have set ourselves some goals, which is the fun part, we have let go to our inner potential to help draw our dreams to us, again a pleasant experience. What’ s there not to like?
But there are aspects to this process that can get in our way and are important to be aware of.
As our inner potential is working away, our conditioned mind I also working away to keep itself in the same place it has been. We are essentially creatures of habit and we like to keep doing what we have always done and feel what we have always felt. So even though there is a big part our you saying I want to achieve a certain goal, because that differs with our conditioning of who we believe we are, it creates a dissonance within us. It is often easier to stay stuck where we are purely because it is comfortable, even though this may not be making us happy.
That is why we can fail to achieve our goals and why we need to make the vision of what we want stronger than our current reality.
In the process of setting and achieving goals we need to be aware of this issue, so we can reflect on what is our conditioning and let go so this so it does not stop our process.
I want you to know this is a perfectly normal thing to happen, in fact it is expected, so please don’t beat yourself up and give up because you see this as a failure as this is not the case, it is purely what are minds are designed to do.
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