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National Mental Health Day - How Aromatherapy Can Help

National mental health day, which is always an event of some importance. People come together with one key idea in mind - that mental health shouldnt be stigmatised and ignored. 


We wanted to do something too, to try and help make that difference. We thought long and hard about it, and how it can help people, and weve decided to come up with a list of different essential oils which can help you to be able to derive some peace and relaxation. These arent substitutions for actual treatments, but instead, an aid which can go with them. 




Lavender comes in as one of being one of those essential smells which a lot of people have in their collection. Theres a good reason for this as well because lavender does offer a lot of unique benefits. 


As a scent, its widely regarded as being one of the most calming and relaxing. The hope is that people who smelled this can use it as a tool to help them relax and take a step back. Its often the case that people find lavender to be a jack of all trades type smell, and it shows.




Peppermint is another smell which is very soothing and calming. What you have to consider is that peppermint is a naturally cooling scent as well, and might well help you to be able to take that step back and relax. 




Rose oil is another good idea for people who want to have an essential oil which is slightly different but still equally calming. Rose has a very tranquil smell which still manages to be suitable anywhere, and will hopefully allow you time to relax. 




Jasmine is one of those smells which has been around for hundreds of years. As is the case with all of the different essential oils that you can get, theyve all got a rich history as being used to help a wide selection of various maladies. Jasmine is known for having a calming and soothing effect and has been employed many times.


All in all, these are just a few of the different essential oils which can be used to try and help people who have a mental health condition which causes them discomfort and stress on a daily basis. These kinds of situations arent things that you have to face alone, and days like National Mental Health Day are supposed to help people come to this realisation. We know that these oils arent going to make outright the problems go away. What we do hope is that they are suitable for someone who wants to be able to chill out and calm down for a bit. Perhaps they give you an evening of relaxation, and thats all we can ask for. If one of these oils would help, even for a second, then we urge you to consider using them. And please remember, youre never alone. 

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