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Happy New Year! Let's start 2023 off with positivity

Happy New Year! Let's start 2023 off with positivity

Happy new year everyone! We hope you entered the new year with loved ones and in a positive mood. The significance of New Year's Day, the world's most celebrated holiday, is unclear. On this day, many people reflect on the accomplishments and failures of the previous year and look forward to the promise of a new year, of a new beginning.

For this, we have decided to share some tips on achieving your goals and some holistic suggestions for New Year's resolutions. 

Secrets to achieving your goals: 

  • What is your goal?
  • This could be anything from picking up a new hobby to eating correctly to saving money; whatever your goal may be it is achievable if you speak it into existence and accept that this is something you desire.

  • Willpower
  • How much do you want to achieve this goal - what does it mean to you? Consider keeping a journal to track your progress. This can also help keep you motivated if you come across any challenges.

  • How long will you need to achieve this?
  • Let’s be realistic, how long do you think it will take to learn new skills, and acquire the resources and time to achieve your goal? Don’t forget to take into consideration your home and work commitments when working this out.  

  • Do you have the tools/resources to achieve this goal?
  • Sometimes we have all the passion, willpower, and knowledge for new goals but we do not always have the tools/resources to begin. 

  • Do you have/need finances to achieve this goal?
  • Achieving goals do not always come for free, and this is okay. Will you need to save up over time to start or do you have the finances available immediately? This will need to be something you will need to look at realistically to ensure this new goal doesn’t create new problems. 

  • Create a plan
  • We have our goal, willpower, timeframe, tools, and finances needed, all we need now is a plan of action. Taking everything into consideration, we can now pop into our diary and calendar when we will begin our first step, our second step, our third step, and so on until we achieve our goal. 

  • Create deadlines
  • Last but not least, we must remember to create deadlines for ourselves. This creates a sense of importance in our minds and encourages us to commit to the task at hand. 

    By keeping things simple and creating a plan it is possible to achieve any goal, we must remember to set ourselves up for success and not failure.

    Holistic New Year’s Resolutions suggestions:

    1. Creating a spiritual practice for yourself
    2. Becoming more in tune with your mind and body
    3. Taking better care of yourself—and learning to listen to your body
    4. Making more time during the week to meditate
    5. Improving your sleep
    6. Replacing bad feelings with productive activities
    7. Reconnecting with loved ones
    8. Starting & finishing creative projects
    9. Learning a new skill
    10.  Eating healthy

    Following a more ambiguous resolution isn't always a bad thing. It can actually provide you with more flexibility when your goals can and will change throughout the year. Allowing yourself that flexibility will allow you to achieve your goals more easily. Embracing that energy will make you feel more in tune with yourself and less reactive.

    Good luck everyone!

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