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Find your Spirit Animal this World Animal Day

Find your Spirit Animal this World Animal Day

In honour of World Animal Day (04.10.2022), we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at how to connect with our spirit animal.


There are a number of ways in which you can become more connected to the animal kingdom, you can choose to connect with your Spirit Animal - an animal spirit that can help guide you. Power Animal - refers to an animal you can call upon to empower you. Or lastly, Totem Animal - an animal you inherit through ancestry (i.e. clan/tribe).


Did you know that the term spirit animal originates from a range of cultures; Western culture, Chinese zodiac, Native American zodiac, and Celtic zodiac.


The ways to find your spirit animal varies, you can determine your inner beast by looking at your birth date, most of us are familiar with our Western zodiac sign and most of these include a spirit animal. We are currently in the Libra zodiac (this is the scales of justice) this sign does not include a spirit animal but, we can still find one for our Libra friends.


We can look at our year of birth for answers, which originates from the Chinese zodiac calendar. We are currently in the year 2022, the year of the Tiger - if you’ve had a baby or are due to, your child is destined to become a courageous, fierce, and swift mover according to the Chinese zodiac.


Looking toward the Native American zodiac, you can discover your inner spirit animal by looking at which hemisphere you were born in and your birth date. So, if you are an October baby and you were born in the U.K. your spirit animal is the Raven, known for being a diplomat in the Native American culture, full of tact and talent which is the key to maintaining your harmonious life, and lastly, a romantic who adores shiny things.


Lastly, we have the Celtic zodiac and again, your spirit animal can be found by your birth month. We are currently in the month of the Celtic Butterfly - commonly referred to as a “social butterfly” - able to brighten anyone’s day, full of adventure, and is a dreamer who has strong intuitive instincts.


There are other ways that we can connect to our spirit animals that focus on being one with nature, ways that people have commonly done so in the past include;

  1. Spending time outdoors
  2. Connecting with animals in everyday life
  3. Paying attention to animals in your dreams
  4. Being aware of unusual animal behaviour around you
  5. What animals do you feel a connection with?
  6. Meditation
  7. Keeping a journal


If we look closely at all of these different ways and what they teach us is that we are all connected to the same planet and same universe. Looking at our friend the Libra born in October, we can see that there are many similarities between the cultures that all derived in different locations at different times across the globe. We believe this demonstrates the power of natural healing and how impactful it can be.

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