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Fall In Love With Autumn

Autumn is a wonderful season to incorporate essential oils into your daily routine to create a cosy and comforting atmosphere while also addressing some of the seasonal challenges.

Here are some essential oils that we think are particularly well-suited for use in autumn:


Cinnamon: has a warm, spicy, and comforting scent. It's perfect for creating a cosy, autumnal ambiance in your home. It can be diffused or added to homemade potpourri.


Clove: has a rich, sweet, and spicy aroma. It's often associated with autumn and the holidays. It can be used in a diffuser or added to natural cleaning products.


Nutmeg: has a warm and slightly sweet fragrance. It can be used to promote relaxation and comfort. Diffuse it or dilute it in a carrier oil for massage.


Orange: has a fresh, citrus scent that can uplift your mood. It's a great choice for combating the gloomy days of autumn. Diffuse it or add it to homemade cleaning products.


Cedarwood: has a grounding and woodsy aroma. It's perfect for creating a sense of stability and calm in the fall. It can be diffused or added to DIY skincare products.


Frankincense: has a deep and resinous scent. It's often used for meditation and relaxation. It can be diffused or diluted for topical use.


Ginger: has a warm and spicy scent that can help with feelings of lethargy and cold weather discomfort. It can be diffused or used in a warming massage blend.


Pine: has a crisp and forest-like aroma. It's excellent for bringing the outdoors inside and making your home feel more autumnal. Diffuse it or use it in homemade cleaning products.


Eucalyptus: has a fresh, invigorating scent and is known for its respiratory benefits. It can be used in a diffuser to help combat the cold and flu season.


 Patchouli: has an earthy and grounding aroma. It's great for promoting relaxation and tranquillity. Diffuse it or use it in personal fragrances.


You can enjoy these essential oils in various ways, including in diffusers, as part of massage blends, in homemade candles, and even in skincare products like scrubs and lotions. Be sure to follow safety guidelines and dilution recommendations when using essential oils.

Take a look at our Celebrating Autumn set here:

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