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Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are beautiful mandalas made of crystals and stones. They are a tool for manifestation, energy healing. The beautiful thing is they are like a prayer, as they work on intentions. You decide what you would like to create in your life and then you create your grid around that. The more intention and understanding behind the crystal grids you create, the more powerful the result.

Accessories - Crystal Grids

When creating a crystal grid let your intuition guide you. There are some suggestions for what crystals are great for what issues, but if you feel drawn to certain ones then trust that. Also use the stones you have available to you, be creative use some natural objects also.

How to make one:
• Find a space in your home, office or out in nature
• Select and write down your intention – writing is a powerfully magical way to anchor your intention
• Select your central crystal, this can be a crystal point as they are powerful but if you do not have one then choose the one you are drawn, as the central crystal holds your intention
• Sit with your chosen central crystal in your hand, and think about your intention, see yourself mentally placing your intention in it, you can even put the piece of paper under this crystal. Either way just spend some time visualising what you want while you hold the crystal.
• Select about 8 crystals of similar size or shape which will strengthen the intention through the 8 directions
• Add other natural objects such as flowers or leaves if they feel right
• For example, for a Love Grid you could place 8 rose quartz crystals around a amethyst stone.

However, keep in mind that it is your grid, and you really can’t go wrong. It is your intention, so that is the most powerful thing. This is a fun process, it helps you to focus on something you want, and this is a great way to say to the universe, please bring me this.
Crystal Grids can also be put together in the same way for healing. You just substitute the intention on the central stone for an intention of healing with for yourself or another person. Then select stones you feel with enhance this.
Crystal Grids are a fun process so enjoy them!

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