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Covid 19 Support

I hope everyone is doing ok and staying safe. It is a really hard time for all of us, and there are so many ways in which the current pandemic and lockdown is difficult for everyone. I wanted to share some ways I believe can help people get through.
Some of these are ones which are advised through the NHS 5 ways to wellbeing.
Connecting with people – I realise for some this is now so hard as we are restricted to what we can do, but we do have the technology to keep in touch with our friends and family as much as we want. I have seen support groups also on facebook, where people are connecting online and supporting each other locally. So make and effort to reach out to someone, they might need it more than you, and stay connected.
Exercise – not only is this one of our only luxuries at the moment but it is also so good for you. It not only benefits your body and health, but it releases endorphins which helps to boost our mood and make us feel good. It shakes off negative energy we have stored also.
Giving – being kind to others whether this is online or through your own connections with people. Be kind to someone online, call someone you know who might be lonely, make something you can donate to a charity, sort out clothes you can give to homeless projects do a fundraiser for a chosen cause. When we give to others and contribute to society we increase our own feelings of wellbeing and compassion.
Learn a new skill – there is so much information out there to access now, you tube can teach us so much. SO chose a new skill to learn, something you have always fancied, whether its practical or just fun.
Being Mindful – Living in the present is a very powerful way to increase your wellbeing. Practise this at different parts during the day. See our videos and blogs on mindful concepts and exercises.
Eat Well – we are what we eat, and what we eat and drink affects our mood.
Self care – do something nice for yourself each day, even if this is just having a bath or painting your nails, watching your guilty pleasure TV show. You can also use essential oils to take care of yourself, these help boost your mood and create relaxation.
Meditation – this is a new skill you could learn, or an old one you could rekindle. It is very powerful in reducing the effects of stress and anxiety and connecting to your true self. I teach meditation and offer some free online sessions, check out my website:
If you are really struggling then ask for help, there is no shame in it, there are so many people gong through the same thing you are. We are allowed to find this hard to feel not ok right now. Things are not ok. There are many places out there that can offer support, some local, some national. If anyone needs to find somewhere to get help and is struggling then contact us and we will try our best to signpost you to the right place.
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