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Aromatherapy for Pets - What up, Dog?

You’ve probably considered a lot of uses for aromatherapy, but there are few like this. Here’s the thing. Your pets get nervous and anxious too - just like you do. So it makes complete sense that they would want to be able to spend time calming down and relaxing. But how do you go about making that possible? Well, you’ve got to think about using smells. 


Yeah, it might sound kind of crazy, but there’s a time for everything, right? For you, that time is now. You can easily start to experiment with such an idea, so why not go for it? Well, if you need a little convincing, we thought we’d talk about things here. 


Smells For Your Pet


So, here’s the thing. Your animals are a lot more stressed than they can tell you. Much like human beings, animals are affected by the environment around them. They react to things in a way that is natural for them. Loud noises, change, or unfamiliar people in the home can all cause your animal to feel like they’re not happy with something. You need a good, sensible way to calm them down and help them to relax. 


That’s where aromatherapy comes into play. It’s an easy way of accomplishing exactly what we want here, and it’s achieved by working with your animal to soothe them. You have to remember that certain smells impact them in different ways - so what calms us down might help them out too. It’s pretty easy to experiment with all of the options to find the one that works for you, even if you don’t believe it yet. But if there’s one thing that we can agree on, it’s that your dog deserves the chance to be able to calm down, even if you’re sceptical about how well they’ll react to it. 


Things to Consider


There are a handful of things you are going to want to consider when it comes to aromatherapy for your pet. First of all, they don't need as strong a dosage as we do. Dogs have powerful noses. They are sensitive to smells. You don't want to overwhelm them, so you need to think about how much of any aroma you're using. You should also think about experimenting with different scents. Your animal will react to one stimulus differently to another. As the owner, you will need to figure out what is best for them. Only then will you be able to help them get relief. 


To summarise, there is a lot you can do for your pet, and aromatherapy can play a vital role in their stress relief. No one wants to be stressed out - it isn't a goal to aim for, and your pet can experience anxiety as often as you can. Be considerate of their needs. If you can help them to calm down and relax, then perhaps you should do so. There are a lot of different aromatherapy options. This diversity is the result of the history behind the practice - there have been hundreds of years to develop different aromas and capture various essences. 
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