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Aromatherapy For Pets - Keeping Them Calm This Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching, and it brings a unique set of challenges which can be considered to be very stressful for one particular member of the family - the pet. 


Loud noises, constant knocking on the door and a lot of people moving around outside can be profoundly upsetting for animals of a more nervous temperament, and you often find that they struggle to stay calm during the evening. Theres a lot of different suggestions for how you can deal with this, but many people choose to invest in aromatherapy, trusting in the good that it can do. 


Aromatherapy - How It Can Help You


Aromatherapy is, as many people will tell you, one of the best possible ways for people to be able to rejuvenate their minds and bodies via the use of entirely natural oils and scents. Aromatherapy has picked up a lot of popularity in recent years for being a healthy alternative to the chemical ridden scents and smells which you can get elsewhere.


So, Useful For Pets?


For the purposes of this article, were going to be taking a look at how aromatherapy can help dogs in particular. Its important to realise that the smells and scents will affect different animals in different ways. The aromas you attempt to will have a different effect on cats than your dogs, so be careful.


Anyway, a good choice in small doses for your dog is lavender. This isnt an instant cure-all, but it can be used in tandem with other things to create the kind of relaxing environment youve been searching for. Lavender is a very calming smell which can be used to make all different types of dogs just be able to chill out and take a minute to relax.


It is essential to try and understand that you need to use smaller doses when you are dealing with dogs. They have much more sensitive noses than we do - an overdose of one particular smell can be very unpleasant to try and deal with, and often leads to the aroma having the exact opposite effect on your animal. 


Overall, the need to keep your dog calm and happy during the Halloween season can be really pressing, and we appreciate that. Its not always easy to try and make sure that theyre staying calm during a time of significant noise and confusion. Halloween is a strange event because it can be challenging for a lot of people to deal with. Those individuals who arent especially on board for the idea of a night of being disturbed and bothered will find that their animal isnt happy with so much activity outside either. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are doing your best to make sure you keep them in a calm and relaxed state as much as possible. This is achieved by using smells which will help to promote a relaxed atmosphere, and by encouraging them to chill out. 
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