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Aromatherapy For New Mothers - A Medical Miracle?

There’s no denying that the childbirth process can be exceptionally challenging for women. People who have not experienced it for themselves cannot even begin to understand what prospective mothers have to go through. 


However, a hospital in the U.K has begun to use aromatherapy to help mothers during birth, and we’re going to be exploring this in further detail, to try and understand precisely how it could help and why you should consider it for your needs. 


Aromatherapy - The Help Women Need?


Now obviously, aromatherapy is not a substitution for medical intervention. It’s not something which will prevent discomfort, and it isn’t a replacement for pain relief medication. However, there are only a handful of drugs which can be given to a mother who is giving birth, so the options are often limited. 


This is where aromatherapy can come in and hopefully make a difference. You see, what people love about it is how chilled out it can help them to be. There are a lot of smells which are calming and help you to relax slightly, and we’re sure that can be useful when you’re trying to give birth in a stressful environment. Obviously, the different smells which work for different mothers will vary from one person to the next, but the basic principle remains the same throughout. 


So, What Smells Are Best?


There’s a lot of different scents which can be used to try and help calm down mothers during the childbirth process. Lavender can be used because it is one of the most common smells around and can really be of great help to people. It’s a very calming smell which helps to put people at ease. 


Now, it’s not going to relax someone completely, because obviously having a child is a challenging task to do. However, even if it helps to calm you down slightly, it has to be worth a go. There are other scents which can be used, but what you pick will be up to you. It’s all about making sure that you are choosing smells which work for you. Perhaps you should consider working with scents beforehand and finding out the aroma which works for you. It may take a bit of experimentation, but it’ll definitely be worth it when you then come to the actual birth and find you’ve got a scent which will work for you. 


All things considered, there’s definitely an argument for using aromatherapy for your birth. It’s a difficult process to go through, but you’re going to do great! However, it’s possibly worth considering the different options which are available to you. There’s nothing wrong with trying to encourage a sense of calm and relaxation while giving birth, because it may help you slightly during your time in the hospital. Bringing a child into the world is absolutely fantastic, but you should do your best to ensure you have the most comfortable time of things because otherwise, it can be an arduous process that may put you off having more kids. 

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