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Aromatherapy Essential Oils - Perfect For Christmas?

Halloween has gone, and so we move ever closer to the next major holiday. Christmas is coming whether you're ready for it or not, and people are starting to get more and more excited.


However, we're all about Aromatherapy here, and so we're wondering how best to apply it to Christmas time. While we will be talking about Christmas gift ideas soon, we're going to look more into the general applications of Aromatherapy around the Christmas season. 


How Can You Use Aromatherapy This Christmas?


The festive season is supposed to be one which makes people happy and brings them together. However, what happens more often than not is the festive season leads to an increased workload and stress. 


An example of this is none other than Christmas day itself. While everyone else is in the living room swapping presents and being merry, there's often a parent or two in the kitchen, working hard to make a meal for everyone. And while this is considered by some to be one of the necessary evils of Christmas, it doesn't have to be this way. 


Consider implementing something like lavender, known for its calming smell, and the situation changes entirely. Now there's an aroma which smells good and helps people to calm down and relax a little. 


Alternatively, why not consider smells which are appropriate for the season? Things like Pine and Gingerbread are all incredibly appropriate for a season of warmth and joy and will help you to unwind and enjoy them. Alternatively, nutmeg and orange are funky fragrances which will help to brighten up the home.


How To Use Aromatherapy Properly


Now, the question on the minds of many is this? How do you use aromatherapy correctly during the festive season? Well the answer to that, in our opinion, is to be conservative with your smells. 


One of the golden rules of aromatherapy is that too much of a scent can be extremely off putting. You have to make sure that you are doing your best to only introduce a background scent, as opposed to something that overtakes the whole house. This is especially appropriate for people who are working in the kitchen to cook the Christmas turkey because they need to be able to smell all the food to know when it's done! When using aromatherapy in the house, make sure it's complimentary and not an overwhelming smell.


Overall, aromatherapy has a lot of value in the festive season, but you need to try and work out the best places to utilise the scents or you're going to find they don't work as well. People need to understand how aromatherapy works, and how they can apply this to their world. However, please always try and be sensible with aromatherapy. Some people can have intolerance's to the smells, and pets will get the aroma more intensely, so always be considerate of who'll be spending Christmas with you. However, there's no denying that if you take the time to think about all of the smells and how they can be helpful, then you're going to enjoy Christmas all the more. 

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