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Aromatherapy - Challenging Preconceptions

Aromatherapy, like every kind of treatment, has a set of prejudices and beliefs attached to it. People who've never experienced it for themselves and haven't ever had the chance to use it in their lives will think a particular set of thoughts. Making a judgement without any evidence is wrong, and we'd like to try and challenge the existing set of pre-conceptions which are a problem for aromatherapy and look at them in more detail. 


What Preconceptions Exist?


There are many different beliefs about aromatherapy and the people who practice it which are not true. For example, there is an air of scepticism which needs to be dealt with and tackled. People do not believe that aromatherapy works when there's a very logical basis for it. 


For hundreds, if not thousands of years, people have used plants and herbs to cure illnesses and help to heal wounds. We've been working with natural remedies and ingredients for so long that the body can use them to recover. Aromatherapy has a basis in that traditional healing and helps to promote a relaxed and invigorating environment for the body to recuperate. 


Another belief which is held by many is that aromatherapy is somehow considered to be 'alternative'. Much like many forms of healing which are not pharmaceutical, there is an attitude that aromatherapy is considered to be nothing more than false promises and an almost 'hipster' thing to do. However, these people are wrong.


Aromatherapy has a history which begins in Ancient Egypt. The tombs of pharaohs have hieroglyphics which all point to the conclusion that the Egyptians practised aromatherapy as an everyday occurrence, from the lowliest servant to the rulers themselves. This practice is no fad nor an alternative way to treat illnesses and conditions but is instead something which has been going on for hundreds and thousands of years. There's a deep and rich history to aromatherapy, and this elevates it above the typical ideas of what makes up a unique and different form of treatment.


Closing Thoughts


In all honesty, the preconceptions which people have garnered over the years doesn't make a difference to anyone who practices aromatherapy. While it can be understandably frustrating when someone mocks your chosen belief or way of medicine, you must hold your tongue and accept that they do not understand what they're saying. In many instances, it is a simple lack of knowledge which keeps back the average person and prevents them from understanding. 


All in all, there's a lot of strange ideas which have come to be associated with aromatherapy. However, few of them are true, and a series of core truths remain for those who are prepared to listen to them. There is no doubt that aromatherapy is a beneficial way for people to cure themselves naturally, and it is used for more severe illnesses but also to help alleviate stress. It has roots which go back many years, and these roots are widely considered to be exceptionally deep and immensely part of Egyptian. 

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