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Aromatherapy - Can It Help Horses?

Horses are, by definition, very difficult creatures to tame. They’re very easily spooked, and this can lead to complications between horse and rider. There’s been a lot of different attempts to try and calm down the beast when it is riled up, including sedatives and the unlikely candidate of horse whispering. However, none of them have really come to fruition. This means that the search for a calming agent has continued. We’ve put our heads together, and we think that we’ve come up with an idea that’ll work for everyone.




The first step in figuring out how to calm down a spooked horse is to look for an essential oil that helps to calm down humans. After a bit of deliberation, we came to the conclusion that Lavender is the way forward. It’s natural, it’s calming, and best of all it’s already in use. People are already using the scent of lavender to calm down horses all across the world, and it’s having better luck than some of the other far-fetched cures in the world. None of the other methods came close to inducing a state of natural calm.


This Is Good, Right?


Of course! This is definitely the better way to calm down a horse in our opinion. Sedatives are a very artificial option, and horse whispering is a triviality at best a lot of the time. As well as this, neither help to encourage any kind of bond between horse and rider. If you tranquillise a horse to stop it from being spooked, it’s a very artificial process. You could even damage the trust the animal has in its owner. This is definitely something to avoid. Lavender is a natural part of the world and has a scent which often breezes across the wind. It’s not a far stretch to presume that wild horses would have lived in places that had lavender in them, and the naturally calming and soothing effect would have been all around them for weeks at a time. It performs more effectively than other essential oils and is much more commonplace than some of the other more exotic oils that you can experience. 


Overall, we’ve discovered lavender to be a very powerful way to stop the problems which come from a spooked horse. There’s no doubt that a spooked horse is not a good thing. They can be very quick to bolt or kick out, and this doesn’t end well for a rider at any given point. This means that you do really have to try and find an option which will work for you. Lavender is a very natural alternative to some of the other methods of horse calming, especially when you consider things like sedatives and whispering as options. It’ll help to calm your horse down without upsetting their system, and should help to encourage a close connection between you and your animal. And for a rider, there will be few things more important than not being able to establish a connection like that. 

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