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Aromatherapy - Ancient Roots?

We all know that aromatherapy is an incredible way to get access to all the essential oils that your body needs. However, not many people know about the history of aromatherapy. It’s often the case with really important things that we don’t know how they came into existence and how rich their history actually is. To try and help you understand where aromatherapy came from, we’re tracing its roots back to Ancient Egypt of all places.


A Rich History? 


Aromatherapy can be traced back to 265 BC with a good level of consistency. In ancient Egypt, it was believed that ordinary people and pharaohs alike used aromatherapy to rejuvenate and heal the body. A combination of incense and ointments were employed, and would be made according to instructions carved into the walls of what would have been an ancient laboratory. What’s incredible is that there would have been hundreds of recipes made in that time period, with around 100 preserved to this day, and could be replicated with modern ingredients. The ancient Egyptians were skilled at using herbs, and this showed when they created all manner of different remedies and aids to help keep the body in optimum conditions. They were allegedly used in all kinds of different common ailments, but they did their role in keeping the body and spirit healthy, and allowed the Egyptians to live their lives free of illness or discomfort.


What Does This Tell Us?


The implications of this are pretty big, but there’s two main things we can summarise from this. First of all, the ancient Egyptians were fans of aromatherapy, which means that we’re part of a community of people who have understand the value of aromatherapy since thousands of years ago. Second of all, the way in which these remedies were created shows that Egyptians knew how to safely utilise aromatherapy. They obviously didn’t try and eat the finished product, because that’s not safe. Instead, they would most likely have burned the incense, or applied the ointment onto their bodies. This shows us that they understood how aromatherapy worked, and that you had to introduce it to the body in a safe way. 


Overall, this rich history of aromatherapy means that we can have confidence in its ability to provide people with remedies and oils to help them get past a whole series of challenges. The Egyptians knew how to use aromatherapy to its highest potential, and this meant that they could experience all of its benefits without putting themselves at risk. But isn’t it really interesting to know how far back aromatherapy goes? People think it’s alternative and different but in truth it’s something that’s been going on for many years. If you’re a part of the aromatherapy community, then you’ll already know exactly how much good it can do. That’s why it’s really important for people to experience all of the benefits. And now that we know how people used to use it all those years ago, we know that there’s even more to aromatherapy than we thought. 

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