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3 Simple steps for Inner Peace

3 Simple steps for Inner Peace

Happy United Nations Day to everyone! - The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization whose sole purpose is to develop friendly relations and maintain international security and peace across nations. The UN is made up of over 190 countries and was formed on October 24th 1945.


Monday 24th October marks the anniversary of this great formation of countries that united to create world peace! See more about this great day here.


We thought this would be a great opportunity to explore new ways to find our inner-peace. Sometimes it can be challenging to find the time or techniques to practise this and we thought we would share the 3 easy methods that we’ve tried and tested for ourselves.


There are reasons it is important to have a way to discover your inner peace as it can help reduce anxiety, fears, and stress levels. These all are proven to make a person prone to mental health illnesses and longterm it could lead to developing physical sicknesses. Other reasons you may want to practise include:

  • Better everyday function in handling your day-to-day affairs
  • Increased energy levels and improved emotional management
  • Less drama, fewer worries, less stress, and positive thoughts
  • A kind and compassionate treatment of other people
  • Not being easily affected by society’s negative comments
  • The ability to learn how to deal with difficult emotions
  • The ability to have a clear judgment when dealing with stressful challenges
  • Better sleep quality


The first step to finding inner peace is spending time in nature - this can be inexpensive and is very beneficial for your physical health too. This doesn’t mean you have to hike mountains or pilgrimage to the Hymalyas mountains, it could be a simple walk in the park, trip to a garden centre or some simple gardening. As long as you are getting some fresh air in your lungs and feeling the elements around you - you can connect 😉.


The second step is meditation. Meditation has many proven benefits for our physical, emotional, and mental health. In particular, practicing mindfulness meditation has been seen to decrease anxiety and prevent depression. It’s a good idea to explore new ways to meditate and feel calm - there are many different ways to do this such as; meditating with calm music, candles, and incense or, doing some yoga, or even chanting or reading a good book.


And our third and final step to finding inner peace is self-love. This includes taking responsibility for your actions, not letting your mistakes define you and forgiveness - what this ultimately means is love yourself for all that you are, the good, bad, pretty and ugly parts! No one is perfect and we all make mistakes and we can learn from them and better ourselves every time we identify a mistake and correct it.


When we have a healthy relationship with our-selves and we practice self-care as often as we can, we also project this positive energy toward one another. Imagine how happy and peaceful our lives and world can be when we all feel good about ourselves. This is why we support and celebrate International United Nations Day!

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