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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 1kg

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Ylang Ylang Essential Oil        
Benefits to the mind and spirit:       
• Aphrodisiac properties creating euphoria
• Creates inner trust and eliminates fear
• Reduces nervous depression and tension
• Boosts self esteem and confidence
Benefits to the physical body:          
• Lowers high blood pressure
• Calms a rapid heart beat and fast breathing
• Balances the hormones
• Good for skin and hair care with rejuvenating properties

Botanical Name       
Cananga odorata var genuine

Exotic, floral, sweet and slightly fruity.

Extraction Method       
Steam Distilled
Plant Detail       
Ylan Ylang oil is distilled from the Cananga tree, which grows in the wild up - 20 meters. It belongs to the same family as the custard apple, and has large tongue-shaped flowers.
Origin and History 
Ylang Ylang is native to Indonesia and the Philippines, where Ylang Ylang flowers are traditionally placed on a newlywed couple's bed. The word means 'flower of the flowers' in the Malayan language.
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