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Mystery Wooden Ornate Oil Box Comes With 6 Random Oils

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This beautiful hand-carved aromatherapy oil box is a lovely way to store all your essential oils.

Hand carved, these wooden boxes are made with 6 partitions, one for each essential oil bottle.

The partition slot is removable so the box may be used for other types of storage. Lid is hand carved with an intricate design and the box is made from high quality wood.

With this box you will get 6 random scents selected by the picker when packing the order. 

Please Note: These boxes are made for 10ml bottles with a diameter of less than 2.6cm and a height of 7cm or less. (Partition slot can be removed if you wish to store items other than oil bottles).

Size of Boxes: These are approximately 12.2cm in length, 8.9cm in width and 9cm in depth. These are hand-made so you may find very slight variations in size or colouring.

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