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The Angels Of Atlantis Book

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Based on the teachings of the 12 archangels of Atlantis, this spiritual guide reveals how to become aligned with their power and wisdom. The twelve angels are depicted through extraordinary illustrations that accompany their written message, and each angel is mirrored by a priest-scientist that contributes to its divine energy. A series of exercises awakens the archetypical guidance of each incredible force, creating a spiritual environment in which joy and well-being are sustainable. Providing faith seekers with a deep connection to the ancient realm of Atlantis, these inspirations offer powerful counsel and healing.

"Stewart Pearce amazingly straddles the worlds of Acting, Angelic Sound Healing and Corporate market with such great ease. Like the Alchemists of old he has one foot in the material world and one in the world of spirit, creating a sacred, magical and transformative soul filled space." Steve Nobel, Director of Alternatives at St James Piccadilly

Total Pages: 174 (Paperback)

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