Reiki Made Easy Book

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Learn how to heal all areas of your life with this comprehensive and accessible guide to the powerful practice of Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing system that can help heal physical, mental and emotional issues, and can also increase intuition and spiritual awareness. Torsten A. Lange describes Reiki as the most amazing discovery of his life - facing bankruptcy and homelessness, he used Reiki to help build a life of meaning and purpose. IN this book, Torsten gives a clear and practical introduction to this powerful healing system.

You will learn:

The elements of the Reiki system
How to connect to Reiki energy and heal yourself and others
How Reiki can help with relationships, illness, clearing spaces, making life changes and more
How to give distinct healing
The steps to becoming a Reiki practitioner
Total Pages: 229 (Paperback)