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Lemon Essential Oil 0.5kg

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Lemon Essential Oil

Benefits to the mind and spirit:

• Strengthens the astral body

• Uplifts the spirit

• Stimulates the brain to improve concentration

• Reduces depression and mental fatigue

Benefits to the physical body:

• Reduces fever

• Cleanses the lymphatic system

• Helps fight infections

• Strengthens the immune system

• Reduce swelling

Botanical Name

Citrus Limonum


Lemon and citrus

Extraction Method

Steam distillation

Plant Detail

Lemon comes from the Rutaceae family.

Before the invention of the oil-processing centrifuge, the oil of lemon was obtained by hand-squeezing the oil into a sponge

Origin and History

Lemon was native to Asia, however lemon trees are now widely cultivated. It is thought that lemon trees were introduced to Europe about 200 A.D, and then made their way to North Africa from the Middle East.

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