Incense Sticks Mood Scent Collection

Mood Essential Oils

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Sandalwood - Meditation: Sandalwood is a rich, sweet, earthy fragrance. Use this incense during Yoga, Meditation and Prayer or just to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Lavender - Anti-Stress: Lavender has been a favourite fragrance for centuries. Lavender is said to relieve stress and create a peaceful atmosphere at home.

Jasmine - Divinity: Since ancient times, Jasmine flowers have been used as offerings to the Gods. Jasmine incense is said to create a supportive atmosphere for meditation and prayer.

Vanilla - Calming: Vanilla is a beautiful, calming fragrance. Vanilla is said to bring happiness and good fortune.

Frankincense - Spirituality: Frankincense has an intense thick scent reminiscent of woody forests. Frankincense is said to connect us to the spiritual self.

Aloe Vera - Healing: Aloe Vera is a fresh, herbal-type fragrance. Aloe Vera incense is said to have healing and calming effects.

Number of sticks per pack: 8 sticks Total Sticks: 48

Stick length: Approximately 23 cms

Burn time per stick: About 40 minutes per stick