Incense Sticks Floral Scent Collection

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Jasmine: Jasmine flowers originating mainly from southern India are often associated with Love & Prosperity. This jasmine incense has a pleasant and long lasting fragrance.

Lavender: Lavender is known to have healing & calming effects. This specially formulated Lavender incense is said to create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Violet: Violet flowers have a very strong and distinctive fragrance. This violet incense can be used to purify the air and create a fresh atmosphere.

Red Rose: The Red Rose is often associated with eternal love and harmony. This Red Rose incense creates an atmosphere of a blooming rose garden.

Sandalwood: Known as the most exotic and valuable woods in the world. Sandalwood is much sough after for its precious oil. This sandalwood incense provides a full-bodied fragrance, which is evident in the natural oil.

White musk: White Musk is said to be an essential aphrodisiac. This beautiful fragrance fills your room with a romantic atmosphere.

Number of sticks per pack: 8 sticks Total Sticks: 48

Stick length: Approximately 23 cms

Burn time per stick: About 40 minutes per stick