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Heart Chakra Essential Oils Set

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Heart Chakra Essential Oil Set

This set has been specifically put together with essential oils that help to balance and develop the heart chakra. The heart chakra relates to your capacity to love, both ourself and others. It also governs our compassion. When our heart chakra is unbalanced you may despair and difficulty with love.

This set will help to increase yourself love and compassion.

The oils included are:
• Rose
• Palmarosa

Overall benefits of the combination of oils to the mind and spirit:
• Stimulates the heart chakra and love
• Helps creates a profound sense of wellbeing
• Balances the emotions
• Releases blockages and disappointments
• Calms and releases negative emotions
• Helps uplift and clear the mind

Overall benefits of the combination of oils to the physical body:   
• Analgesic – general pain relieving properties, helping stiff or painful joints
• Helps digestive and urinary problems
• Aids in menstrual problems and pains
• Fights bacteria / strengthens the immune system
• Reduces body temperature in fevers
• Powerful in all aspects of skin care

For individual oil benefits see individual oils

Botanical Name 
Rose - Rosa Damascena
Palmarosa - Cymbopogon Martinii

Origin and History         
Rose essential oil is known the "Queen of Oils. It is said to be the fragrance of Venus, and has always been considered a symbol of love and purity.

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