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Presenting our Easter Essential Oils Gift Set, showcasing a selection of six thoughtfully chosen 100% pure essential oils. These oils have been curated to enrich your surroundings, elevate your spirits, and infuse a calming ambiance into your living space.

Among our offerings is Lavender oil, a timeless and adaptable choice renowned for its soothing qualities. It's perfect for unwinding after a bustling day or cultivating a tranquil atmosphere at home.

Experience the invigorating essence of Peppermint, providing a refreshing attribute that could aid in enhancing focus and easing tension. Its minty aroma has the potential to help you stay attentive and on track throughout your day.

The lively and revitalising Lemon oil can have an uplifting impact on your mood and vitality. This zesty fragrance might assist in alleviating stress and fostering a positive environment, infusing your space with renewed vigour.

Embrace the minty and refreshing notes of Eucalyptus oil, which may contribute to a clearer breathing experience and support respiratory wellness. Particularly advantageous during cold and flu seasons or whenever a breath of fresh air is required.

Discover the cheerful and uplifting Sweet Orange oil, celebrated for its potential to alleviate stress and anxiety. The vibrant citrus scent can nurture an atmosphere of positivity and contentment within your home.

Uncover the warm and grounding essence of Frankincense oil, acknowledged for its ability to evoke tranquility and inner calm. Perfect for moments of meditation, yoga, or simply when you're seeking to slow down and find your centre.

Every oil in our Easter Essential Oils Gift Set has been meticulously selected for its distinct properties, offering a variety of advantages. Whether you seek relaxation after a demanding day, a mood and energy uplift, or a way to support respiratory well-being, our essential oils are here to aid in creating an inviting and invigorating ambiance within your home.

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We hold SDS and Allergen sheets for all our oils and can be found in the document section.

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