Black Tourmaline Reiki Crystal Pyramid

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This pyramid shape extracts universal energy from the top point and releases it out in the open environment. Made from Black Tourmaline, a type of metaphysical stone, this pyramid releases its properties that are deeply protective and repel negative energy from the atmosphere. With its 4 faceted cuts, the pyramid grounds the energy by uniting everything in the top point and thereby makes a pillar of energy upwards. Inspired by the geometric shape of pyramids in Egypt, this stone can help preserve energy, memories, intentions and healing to achieve goals.

For Reiki healing practice, this stone creates a shroud of protective energy around you and can work to heal electromagnetic frequencies. So, if you work around electric equipment and are exposed to its frequencies, then keep the black tourmaline pyramid near your work desk and it will absorb the electromagnetic pollution around you. Meditate with this pyramid to create vibrations of positive energy that will help balance your left and right hemisphere which strengthening the immune system. This crystal pyramid is also useful in retaining focus, especially when people’s consciousness changes in a changing world.

Please remember that Reiki healing is not a substitute for physical, emotional, psychological or any medical treatment.