Quality Assurance

We’re firm believers that our assurance of quality is extremely important for making you feel reassured. That’s why we make sure that our suppliers are backed by ISO 9001 Certification. This is further complimented by an expertly trained quality management system, who are more than capable of handling the demands placed upon Natural Oils, Spices Oils, Floral Absolutes & Aromatic Chemicals. In order to make sure that we’re delivering the best quality materials to you every time, we’ve enlisted the services of an external auditor, who ensures that the proper auditing of our suppliers’ quality management system is conducted every six months. 


To guarantee that our suppliers can meet all of the demands which arise in-process, we have made sure our suppliers have a fully modern set of laboratories, which have facilities such as the apparatus required to test gas cartography. Our supplier’s other facilities allow them the option of sending every product we provide to customers with:


  • Certificate of Analysis
    Gas Chromatography


One thing which we take pride in is our capability of delivering high quality and pure products to all of our customers. This is owing to our supplier’s method of sourcing, which allows for:


  • Raw materials procured directly from source
  • Having global contacts based on developing personal relationships with cultivators from unspoiled regions of Earth


It’s also worth noting that we’re always striving to improve our services, so we actively attempt to encourage our suppliers to perfect various process, which include: 


  • Process Research & innovation
  • Scale –up design of production facilities
  • Construction & operation of Laboratory and Pilot Plant
  • Technology transfer
  • Optimization of manufacturing process

Our commitment to high standard means that we take the time to ensure that our suppliers store all fresh and raw materials in warehouses which are of sufficient size and are also rigorously maintained. 


GMP Standards 


All of our suppliers’ facilities are well defined and have been designed to be GMP compliant, and to also be approved to work with Food Grade Stainless Steel (SS316) based processing appliances. To make sure the result of all of our products is nothing but high quality, they use cutting-edge valves and specialist welded joints, which prevent heavy metals from leaching into the extracts during production.