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Neroli Essential Oil 1kg

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Neroli Essential Oil      
Benefits to the mind and spirit:     
• Sedative effect calming the nervous system
• Eases the symptoms of the menopause
• Great antidepressant qualities
• Reduces the effects of shock and hysteria
Benefits to the physical body:        
• Reduces heart palpitations
• Regenerates skins cells and improves elasticity
• Helps with nerve pain and headaches
• Aids circulation and is very cleansing
Botanical Name     
Citrus Aurantium

Refreshing, spicy, sweet, citrus

Extraction Method     
Steam Distilled
Plant Detail     
Neroli comes from the orange tree and is often found in the productive region of Africa and the Mediterranean. The oil is taken from the star shaped flowers.

Origin and History      
Neroli Oil is native to China and dates back to the 16th century. It was also famed in Italy where is was used as a scent by an Italian princess, Anna-Maria de la Tremoils who was the wife of the Italian prince of Nerola, giving it its name.
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